Welcome to www.champion-powerflush.co.uk

As an arm of Limpsfield Gas Engineering, we are fully CORGI registerd (no. 198218) with nearly 20 years experience in domestic and commercial heating systems.

Our staff are all ex-British Gas trained Engineers who have experience of every type of heating system ever made, and know how to get the best from your existing heating system. No gimmicks, just honest service and advice. We work for several local Authorities and many high-profile businesses and customers. You can trust us!

What is a Powerflush?

Powerflushing is the term used to describe the cleaning of a “wet” central heating system.

“Wet” means a system that has a boiler and radiators, as opposed to “dry” or “warm air” central heating. It uses a powerful circulator pump and dedicated chemicals to remove rust, sludge and limescale from inside the boiler, radiators and pipework thus restoring efficiency to what the system would have been like when new. It makes no mess as none of the radiators need to be removed to carry out the procedure.

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